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Great Product

This is a great product at a great price. Will continue to buy this from Femologist!

Great Product

I could feel more energy with Methyl CpG!

Olivirex® | High Potency Olive Leaf Formula | Defend - 60 Capsules

pH-balanced lube

Works well and I didn’t get another UTI after!

Pro Women Probiotics

Definitely helped with my gut issues.

Great for vaginal health and maintenance.

I can say from experience that these have been helpful. I'm moister down there (in a nice way) but also my discharge has improved. I feel so regular and normal down there which is a significant improvement, from the irritation and other symptoms i was struggling with before. Great for maintenance!!!

I think it's working!

Handling IBS is always a challenge but this seems to be helping. More after I've used it for a while but excited about the possibilities and so far so good,

Boluoke® Lumbrokinase | RNA Supplement - 30, 60 or 120 Capsules

Great Place & Product

I have to take Ferronyl iron. It is the only iron supplement that will raise my iron levels enough to donate blood. As far as I know, Douglas Labs is the only source and it is often sold out from other suppliers. I am so grateful to have found it here and will now come here first when I need more. Easy to find and purchase on this website. So grateful!


My Primary Doctor recommended I start taking Boluoke to improve my circulation after developing a blood clot in my left leg after surgery. I have been taking Boluoke for the last three months and so far I'm not having any issues.

D Mannose tabs

I bought them for my daughter who is 22 and following in my footsteps with chronic and frequent UTIs. As of today, she has not had a UTI since starting them. Not sure there aren’t other factors contributing to this, but I know she will continue to use them!


Great quality, nice price, fast delivery
Thank you

How about you ask me when I have had a chance to use the products for more than a couple of weeks Cheers


After ten months of UTI symptoms, and having tried everything - I tried these and they helped restore my health. I cannot praise PRO-Women/6 Strain Probiotics enough. Thank you!

Bladder Ease

I've been taking this to help with discomfort related to a chronic bladder infection. I think it's helping and I will continue to take it.

Bladder friendly multivitimin

My doctor recommended this multivitamin to take while I am recovering form a chronic infection as it is easy on the bladder. I'm glad that there is a product like this.


This supplement helps my body break down biofilms and prevent clotting. I've compared it to other brands of lumbrokinase and it is stronger than other brands and without unnecessary ingredients.

The only way I will know is with time. If I stop getting UTI’s I’ll rave about it.

Chose you because my M.D. does not. I enjoy simple ordering. Everything is good.

I feel less itchy

Been itchy and irritated, and after trying a number of things I can confidently say this helps. Works so well that i am buying another bottle. My friend even bought themselves a bottle. My kitty feels kalmerrrrr

Per my urologist

Bought this product on my urologist’s recommendation before prescribing an rx. Seems to be working.

Excellent product

As former cardiac patient, this is a fantastic way to keep your blood clotting normalized and optimal (without blood thinners).

Recommended by my doctor

My doctor told me to take this product to help me deal with inflammation issues. So far, so good!

Cranberry capsules

They work great along side the D-Mannose powder

I don;t know how to rate the products because I continue to have reocurent symptoms.