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Not Sure

and that is because I don't see a difference.

Uva Ursi

Great for UTI prevention/protection. no side effects!

Taurine Powder

I add this in my protein shakes for UTI protection. Good price and no extra side effects!


Good Biofilm Buster with minimal side effects!

Biofilm Phase 2

I've only been using this a month. Its a good product and does not give me any extra side effects like nausea or fatigue. Giving it more time

Good Product

Works how it should for good price

Great Results so far!

My sister swears by this product for recurring UTI’s. So far I haven’t had any recurring infections since then began using the as a daily

Recommended by my Naturopathic Doctor

I've only been using this for a month but it seems to be making a difference in my overall health

ATP 360

Excellent service & product

Best Multi Supplement!!!

I Love , love, love this product!! The energy it gives me is incredible. I put it on fruit smoothie bowls in the morning.

Helped balance Cholesterol

This product Helped balance my Cholesterol and my weight!

This is an amazing product!!

Berberine is incredible as an anti-inflammatory and for heart health.

Best lumbrokinase out there

More than one doctor has recommended this to me for the treatment of chronic tick borne illnesses and breaking down fibrin which is an essential piece of healing.

ATP 360® | Mitochondrial Health - 90 capsules

Everything You Need Right Here

I absolutely love everything in this bundle. The D- Mannose is super helpful for UTI prevention and the ingredients in the Good Clean Love are FANTASTIC! I love that the bundles are put together to take the guess work out of UTI prevention!

Peace of mind

I take Lumbrokinase(Boluoke) because I have Pai 1 and Factor 5 lieden fibrogenic markers, so the Lumbrokinase breaks down the excess fibrin to prevent TIA’s or a stroke. This is a necessity for me and it gives me peace of mind, and no fear of mystery episodes anymore, even after a mild head injury

Good product and great service

Great product and service.

Excellent supplement

I've been taking the Homocysteine for awhile, and it has really made a change in my blood tests!

Reliable and Effective Product

This product was suggested to me by my nutritionist. It works beautifully and without any discomfort.

Trust Pure for years

This brand is one of my favorite for vitamins and supplements.
I love that they put it all in one single capsule.


Great product to help clear chronic infection


My doctor recommended this to help heal my bladder from a chronic infection


This supplement is an important part of my protocol for healing from chronic uti.

Sorry... I started taking this with a ton of other remedies and supplements so I can't tell how it has worked, but on the whole I am much better!

Boluoke helps me worry less!

I have had multiple blood clots in my past, and knowing that I am taking this medication helps me feel more confident that I am working to prevent further blood clots in the future.