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What can the Dispensary do for your practice?

Designed from the ground up working directly with Providers, the Femologist Dispensary platform allows our partners to:

- Access all of the information with an easy to use web Portal that works on any browser; on any computer and mobile device.

- Quickly register patients and send a customized welcome email.

- Add Supplements with instructions - emailed directly to patients for purchase and adherence.

- Add reminders for follow-up dates for patient and/or their specific supplement regimen.

- Get professional information through our Medical Director about the latest supplements' usage and guidance


Our team has worked with our caring Medical Director and partners to design the platform focused on Providers and Patients. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for all your patient's' supplement needs.

We promise you industry leading customer service, timely and accurate fulfillment, and competitive product pricing for your patients. We want to become a long term partner that is an essential part of your patients' road to recovery.

Walk through the Femologist Portal

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Frequently asked Questions

The Femologist team will work with you to ensure that all the supplements your patients need are made available, or a suitable alternative is found whenever possible.

Use the contact form below. Our dedicated support team is here to help you.

We offer one time purchase and auto-ship (subscription) options for our customers. Customers can select their desired option when purchasing a product.

Yes. Via secure and private channels we can provide your patients' purchase history for adherence, based on your guidance.

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