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Our team at Femologist has extensive combined knowledge of different aspects of long-term health. We carefully source each of our products to ensure it has a legitimate reason to be considered for optimal health support.

We’re More Than An Ecommerce Store

Rochelle Stern, Femologist Director

We have firsthand experience with how difficult it can be to choose the right products, particularly when it comes to chronic illness.

And every day we hear from people with questions about what will work for them.

Providing access to information that can help with these decisions and perhaps point someone towards a healthier life is our ultimate goal.

Rochelle Stern, Femologist Director

Our Purpose

Every person’s journey to better health is an individual one, and every one of our products has a different level of relevance to each person. Our goal is to help educate around product purchase decisions by providing deeper insights into product purpose, links to studies and content to help explain where supplements may provide support for certain ailments.

Femologist is still in early development and there’s a lot more in store, so to speak. Check in regularly to see our updates, and do get in touch if you have suggestions!

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Meet Our Team

We’re not your ordinary e-commerce team. Each of us lives wherever our work and personal aspirations take us. We currently have team members in the US, Australia, and Europe, and we connect with people across the globe daily, via our partner site, Live UTI Free.

  • Rochelle Stern

    Managing Director
  • Ruth Kriz, APRN

    Medical Director
  • Ronen Stern

    Ecommerce Director

    Design Lead
  • Melissa Kramer

  • Marijana Semcuk

    Advertising Lead
  • Emil Lamprecht


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