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Provider Portal - Adding New Patients

Adding new patients is made easier with our guided flow. Create an account for your patient and they will receive a welcome email. The email content can be customized anytime from our default template. Once added, the patient is connected to your account and can be assigned supplements per your guidance. Added supplements will include an email to the patient with a link to purchase on our site and instructions you listed.

Adding Patient Flow

Create Account

Once you select to Add Patient, add the details for your patient including First Name, Last Name, DOB and email.

Customize the welcome email

After adding the patient, you will be asked whether you want to use the default or customize the welcome email. You can always change the content at now or anytime from the Menu -> Email Settings.

Access your patient account to edit, add supplements or set follow up reminder

Frequently asked Questions

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We offer one time purchase and auto-ship (subscription) options for our customers. Customers can select their desired option when purchasing a product.

Yes. Via secure and private channels we can provide your patients' purchase history for adherence, based on your guidance.

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