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Information about the Dispensary

Details about the Dispensary can be found here:

Information for your patients

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There are several supplements that require Practitioner guidance approval – and those can be accessed by your patients by linking your Practice to their account. 

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Please let us know if you would like a template email that you can use to send to your patients.

Optional Dispensary Features

We are always looking to make sure we meet your and your patients’ supplement purchasing needs. Our platform is designed for customization, and we are happy to work with you or your office admin staff. We often need just a 15-20 min call with you (no IT experience needed) to get started. Areas of customizations you might find of value include:

  • Customized landing page for your practice with the dispensary details and content specific to your practice and patients (ex. custom FAQ, updates, events calendar).
  • Custom collection listing and bundling for your selected supplements.
  • Obtaining reports for adherence and purchase history of your patients – provided securely and privately.
  • Anything you need for your specific practice that we can support you with. For example, we can easily include new supplements and vendors per request.

Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to set up some time to chat by emailing us at

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