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Love these for PH

Will keep your vaginal PH perfect to avoid infections!

positive impact

I am 64 years old. Cortisol Calm seems to had a positive impact on a positive mood. My apetite increased too.

Helping with IC/E. faecalis infection

I developed all the classic symptoms of IC. My doctors recommended conventional therapies (bladder instillations and pelvic floor physical therapy), but I was certain that I had an infection that wasn't coming up on standard urine culture. After pursuing sequencing via MicrogenDX, I learned that I have Enterococcus faecalis in my bladder. This bacteria is resistant to many antibiotics and difficult (impossible?) to eradicate. My urogynecologist prescribed me hiprex to try to keep levels low, which initially helped, but then a few months later I started to flare again. I am now taking hiprex morning and night + cystistatin in the afternoon. I also take d-mannose as well. The cystistatin made a huge difference, and I am feeling the best that I've felt since all of this began. Sharing my story in case it helps any of my fellow bladder warriors out there.


Lumbrokinase is critical to my blood thinning antithrombotic efforts against my own 4g/4g polymorphism. I am completely happy with it effect and affects thank you for the highest quality possible and backed up clinincal trials. Your product is better than Dr Mercola's version. Thank you


Recommend by my Doctor. I am waiting to see the impact after my blood test. Femologist has been promptly shipping this supplement.

Love it!

Switched from another brand to this and very pleased with my decision. Only wished it came in a pump bottle.

Bolouke - A Great Supplement But Ridiculously Expensive

This is a great supplement for addressing issues with excess fibrin, but it is ridiculously expensive. It is not a problem unique to Femologist; it is ridiculously expensive from all vendors. Easily the most expensive supplement I have ever purchased.

Boluoke Lumbrokinase

Excellent product for keeping blood flowing well

Biofilm Phase 2

This is a product that works very well but you need to be consistent. These won’t work unless you follow a strict diet (no carbs and no sugar). At least for me, with candida overgrowth and biofilm buildup from many years of antibiotics, I only noticed an improvement when I was very strict with my diet (also sleep/stress management is important).
You may experience die-off symptoms from this. you’ll feel worse before you start to feel better.


I started this about 3 weeks ago to start the healing of my bladder after battling bacteria for 2 years. Now that the bacteria is gone this product is working to heal the damaged gag layer. I have not noticed any negative side effects and my symptoms are improving!

It really works!

I switched from ATP Fuel to this as I got stomach issues from it. Been eating this ATP 360 now for a month and this one does not upset my stomach at all, but really alleviates ME/CFS related PEM symptoms! Can't believe I have finally found a product that helps with this debilitating condition.

Same product my urogologist prescribed

This is exactly the same product my doctor sells in his office and for the same price.

Perfect For Busy Days Away From Home

Convenient to throw in my gym bag or purse for discreet on-the-go freshening. Gentle enough, does not leave any residue or irritation on my skin.

Good product

Love that it has no B6

Boluoke supplement

I ordered it and received it promptly. I take it to keep cancer from ever getting a thumb hold on me again. Femologist had the best price.

Most economic resource for what I need

Take this for port support & have had zero issues with the product and my port. Every $ counts so I appreciate the price, free shipping & points for each purchase for future discounts.

They are helping to stop a recurring infection.

Biofilm Phase-2 | Advanced Biofilms - [New] 60 veggie caps

I think it's a little early to make a decision if they are helping my UTI situation. I have taken one daily since July 1st. Some days the situation seems better, some not. I am continuing to take these long-term as recommended by my urologist. Hopefully in the long run, it will decrease my continuing UTI situation. I have had no side effects from them whatsoever, so will continue on. I don't think these are a quick fix but hopefully will help long term. I will know whenever I have another urinalysis later on.

Bladder ease

It’s the best.

Recommended by my doctor

This came highly recommended by my doctor to support my immune health as I deal with tickborne infections.

D-Mannose Powder

It’s a great product