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UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.
UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.
UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.
UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.
UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.
UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.
UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.
UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.
UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items Bundle Femologist Ltd.

UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items

Femologist Ltd.
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UTI after sex is common. Sex may be a trigger for UTIs for a number of reasons, particularly for females, and some products may help provide support for a healthy vagina and urinary tract.

The vaginal and urinary microbiomes have been demonstrated to be interconnected. As such, a healthy vaginal flora may provide a positive benefit in the case of recurrent urinary tract infection or urinary tract infection linked to sexual activity.*


The Femologist team worked closely with Live UTI Free to create this bundle. All the items were selected specifically based on positive feedback from the Live UTI Free team and its global audience, and with input from practitioners in their network.


The UTIs after sex support pack includes:

1. Balance Moisturizing Wash by Good Clean Love

    A gentle, pH balanced, Bio Matched intimate wash that helps cleanse, refresh and eliminate odor while maintaining optimal vaginal pH levels.* 


    2. BioNude Personal Lubricant by Good Clean Love

      An unflavored, unscented, and pH-balanced lubricant that mimics natural feminine moisture and is safe during pregnancy and for those with sensitive vaginal ecosystems.


      3. Rebalance Wipes by Good Clean Love

        Handy organic, pH balanced intimate wipes, made with aloe and other soothing botanical extracts. Can help with feeling cleansed while traveling, after a workout, or before and after sex.


        4. Restore Moisturizing Gel by Good Clean Love

          A pH-balanced vaginal moisturizing gel made with organic ingredients. With regular use it may help eliminate feminine odor and relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort.* 


          5. Cystistatin by Ortho Molecular

            A unique botanical blend formulated to help maintain healthy microbial balance in the urinary tract and bladder.* 


            6. D-Mannose Tablets by West Coast Mint

              D-Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar, found in some plants and fruits. Research has shown that D-Mannose may provide urinary tract support by inhibiting the attachment of E. coli bacteria to the urinary tract.*


              7. PRO-Women 6 Probiotic Strains by Hyperbiotics

              A probiotic formulated to contain clinically documented probiotic Lactobacilli strains assessed for effectiveness in supporting a healthy balance of native vaginal microflora, and D-mannose to support urinary tract health.*


              8. BiopHresh Vaginal Probiotics Suppository by Good Clean Love

              The only vaginal probiotics suppository of its kind, combining 8 probiotic strains in a single capsule that is designed to dissolve once inserted into the vaginal environment. The BiopHresh formula has been scientifically shown to relieve symptoms related to recurrent BV.*


              Live UTI Free’s Top 10 Tips For Avoiding UTI After Sex (in no particular order):

              UTI after sex prevention is one of the most frequent searches on the topic of UTIs. The team at Live UTI Free shared some tips they have gathered from scientists, clinicians and their readers, that may help in the battle against UTIs after sex.

              1. Wash your hands before any sexual activity (hands are known to harbor germs) and ask your partner to do the same.
              2. Shower before sex, and ask your partner to do the same, if you find this helps.
              3. Oral sex can transfer organisms just as any other sexual contact can, so consider experimenting to pinpoint whether this is an issue.
              4. Always pee immediately after sex to help flush your urinary tract.
              5. Try using condoms. Some readers find that latex-free condoms are the best option.
              6. Use a pH-balanced lubricant, and don’t be stingy with it.
              7. If the issue seems specific to sex, consider whether your partner should also be tested, and don’t ignore the possibility of STIs – they can cause UTI-like symptoms.
              8. Don’t let yourself get constipated! Constipation is linked to UTIs.
              9. Speak with a clinician about UTI after sex, and about your overall health, as there may be other changes you can make.
              10. Stay hydrated! And pee regularly! Keep a voiding diary and/or set alarms throughout the day to make sure you pee every 2-3 hours.

              What The Science Tells Us About Recurrent UTIs And Sex

              As with many health topics that more commonly occur in female anatomy, there is still much research to be done around recurrent UTI and UTI after sex.

              One thing we do know is that the urinary and vaginal microbiomes are interconnected. This should come as no surprise, given their close proximity to one another. The urethral opening and the vaginal opening are only around 1.5cm apart on average.

              Although the science has not yet confirmed exactly why there is a substantial crossover in the organisms found in the vagina and the urinary tract, it is still significant. It’s also something that can be acted on.

              So, we know that the vagina and the urinary tract share many of the same microorganisms. It then follows that a dysbiosis in the vaginal microbiome may also impact the urinary tract. A dysbiosis refers to when organisms that should not be present (or at least not above certain levels) are overly abundant and the balance of the healthy microbiome is disturbed.

              One theory on how a vaginal microbiome imbalance impacts the urinary tract suggests that organisms from the vagina move into the urinary tract and cause a dysbiosis there too.

              How Does UTI After Sex Occur?

              There are several theories on why UTIs after sex are so common. UTI after sex may in part be caused by the physical movement of bacteria during sex from the vagina to the urethral opening.

              Although many of us are familiar with Candida albicans (yeast) or Gardnerella vaginalis (associated with bacterial vaginosis or BV), researchers have identified further organisms that may be an issue here.

              It’s possible that any vaginal imbalance may negatively impact the urinary tract, and therefore be associated with urinary symptoms after sex.

              If a vaginal microbiome imbalance is contributing to UTI after sex, restoring a healthy balance in the vagina may help. Oral and vaginal suppository probiotics may be beneficial in this regard, as may a pH-balanced intimate wash. As always, it’s best to raise this topic with a clinician.


              *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

              Customer Reviews

              Based on 3 reviews
              Lisa K.
              Everything You Need Right Here

              I absolutely love everything in this bundle. The D- Mannose is super helpful for UTI prevention and the ingredients in the Good Clean Love are FANTASTIC! I love that the bundles are put together to take the guess work out of UTI prevention!

              Justine S.
              So far so good

              I’ve been using this and so far so good. To be fair I’m still using a prophylactic antibiotic pre sex but so far have been feeling good. The good clean love products have been the big surprise for me. They are all excellent especially the moisturizing gel. I use that for extra lube and it’s been awesome.


              UTI After Sex Prevention Support Bundle - 8 items